I met you and loved you to death
My heart is stained blue and frozen,
you left but I’m still here
I’ll fall asleep under the blue moon all alone again tonight
Even in my dreams, I’ll be looking for you, singing this song

Bigbang Alive Tour Manila

Things I remember from the concert: (not in any particular order XD)

  • During Blue, the part where GD, Daesung, Seungri and TOP were supposed to lie down. Seungri and TOP didn’t lie down. When GD and Daesung got up, GD has a WTF?! look and was laughing/smiling after.
  • During Last Farewell, Seungri shouted “Manila, Sigaw! (Scream!)” but I think the fans where still hyped from Lies that only a few heard what he said and screamed. (because my friend didn’t hear it but I did) so GD and Taeyang was laughing at him coz not all responded. Taeyang saying on the mic “V.I. what did you say? (laughs)” or something along that line. But Seungri was also laughing at himself. XD
  • TOP has the most fans in Manila. Everytime TOP’s part comes the fans go wild and screams were louder.
  • During High High (or was it Knock out), TOP was walking the middle runway and he’s swaying his hips like model or something. Lol!
  • Daesung really smiles a lot. I think all through out the concert he is smiling. And his voice in Wings was just perfect!
  • GD dropped his mic. XD
  • I think because of it he’s having a little trouble with his mic because I saw him going to the crew/staff at the side talking to them twice.
  • Taeyang likes to go topless a looooot! (but that’s not something new. haha!) During his solo, he ripped off his tank top. And all through out the encore he’s topless.
  • They did four songs in the encore: My Heaven, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby and Feeling.
  • Seungri playing with a panda stuff toy that fan gave to him and taking pictures of it.
  • During Bad Boy encore, GD threw the varsity jacket he’s wearing. At first I thought he wouldn’t, he was at first taunting the fans, pretending to throw then would shake his head then all of a sudden he threw it at them. I think around 4-5 girls were fighting over it.
  • Whenever Daesung says “Mahal ko kayo” (I love you) he would do the Dara hand wave. (Dara has a special hand wave when she was working here in the Philippines and she’s very known for it.)
  • From where I’m seating it’s not easy to understand what they were saying even if they are speaking in English. It’s either because fans screams a lot or the audio system was kinda bad.
  • During the encore, when they were giving little speeches, they we’re reading from a teleprompter. XDD And of course TOP still speaks in Korean but then said in English that they will come back or something like that.
  • TOP is chooming a lot~ XD
  • TOP wearing that bunny/big ribbon headband during encore.
  • When they were leaving for the stage, Seungri first walked out then GD & Daesung, then TOP, lastly Taeyang. But it seems Taeyang didn’t want to leave and pulled back TOP on the center and made him dance and chanted “Go TOP~ go TOP~” and TOP did his little dance after that they both left the stage. That’s how it ended. :))
  • They were really good singing live~!! And they are really allllllllll good looking in person. I wish this night didn’t end!

NOTE: wasn’t able to took photos coz I didn’t bring a camera coz the day before the concert YG Ent. prohibited bringing any digicams/dslr/video cams and etc. And I didn’t want to risk it being confiscated. Though as you can see some Filipino VIPS were still able to bring cams. XD Some guards on the venue where really strict on checking the bags, some aren’t. And I wished I bought mine coz the one I entered wasn’t that strict. lol!